Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

What a great weekend! We spent Saturday morning walking around the Stockade historic district in Schnectady, and had lunch at cafe 1795. We'll be sure to take our next visitors here - it was delicious. Thomas endured his buggy ride over the bumpy slate sidewalks very well!

Sunday morning Thomas inspected the Easter bunny's offerings and we had a cooked breakfast. We went to Easter service and then went down to the Crossing of Colonie, a nice park with lots of paved trails for walking, biking etc. There is also a neat playground and Steve and Thomas spent some time checking out the swings.

We're really appreciating the good weather we've been having! It's been in the 60s and 70s all last week and we try to get outside every day. Steve and Thomas went and bought a basketball this weekend so they can start practicing their 'skills'.


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