Sunday, May 14, 2006

Albany Tulip Festival

Kristin had a great first Mother's Day! We went to the Albany Tulip Festival on Saturday even though it was supposed to be rainy. The flower displays were beautiful and we were surprised to see a local TV crew filming Steve and Thomas playing. They even came over and interviewed us about the festival and the weather and it ended up on last night's news! Click on the photo above to see the footage. It is 11 MB in size- so it might take awhile to download!

Today we went to a brewery in the Stockade district in Schenectady for a buffet lunch and then to view houses with a real estate agent. We aren't buying yet, but we certainly saw some lovely homes! Thomas was a real trooper about having to get in and out of the car seat so many times. We've added a new photo album to the galleries area with more photos from the weekend.


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