Monday, October 23, 2006

Busy Playing...

Today we went to a kids gym with the Moms Club andThomas had a blast on the slides and trampolines. He is learning new things everyday and is running full tilt. His newest words are 'hat' (usually while putting a toy or food object on his head), 'more', 'up' and 'down'. We had some of Steve's colleagues over for lunch on Sunday and he entertained them with his antics! We're getting ready for Halloween with a party both this week and next week with our different moms groups. We've borrowed a Winnie the Pooh costume this year so we'll try and get some photos.


Blogger Suzanne Decker said...

Check out my blog update - I posted a picture of Dalton as Winnie the Pooh - zoom in on the photo a bit and you might discover that he looks a little like Thomas - especially the teeth! Seeing your post reminded me about another pooh bear that I knew about 11 years ago! -Suzanne

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