Thursday, August 14, 2008


We haven't gotten up to too much lately, having just recovered from a bout of miserable summer colds. I think we're finally better, just in time for a trip to LA!

So because we haven't felt up to it, we haven't been taking many pictures lately. I'm feeling the pressure to post, but all I have are some photos of tonight's dinner, featuring the bulk of this week's vegetables from our CSA. This year we bought a local farm share (which we are splitting with some neighbors), and for 25 weeks we pick up a weekly 'share' of the harvest. To use up the veggies before our trip, I made baba ganouj and fiesta salsa, the leftovers of which will be frozen. The CSA is a great way to get local organic produce at reasonable prices.

Photos from LA to come in a week or two!


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