Wednesday, March 31, 2010

32 Weeks

These photos are getting scarier and scarier! I celebrated the 32 week milestone with my last day of work, and am looking forward to having more time at home to rest and get ready for our new arrivals.

Our next doctor appointment is next week, and if there are any changes we'll be sure to put the word out. Just don't ask me how I'm feeling - you'll get an earful! :)

Sleepy boys

Andrew sleeping on the couch while watching a movie, and Steve and the boys pretending to catch some 'zzz's - also on the couch! It must be the best place in the house for a quick nap.

Underoo boys

Andrew has started the long process of learning to use the potty! Here he is proudly modelling his Elmo pants. It's a work in progress for sure. Good thing he has a big brother to show him the way!

School Photos

Thomas' school photos for this year! We only ended up buying the composite photo (class picture + Thomas solo picture), but will do birthday photos for both boys this summer sometime.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Happenings

We manage to fill our weekends by accomplishing so little! We've got a long list of to-dos before these babies arrive in 7-9 weeks (hopefully no longer!) We went to a birthday party for one of Andrew's friends, and the host snapped our photo while watching the kids play. Are here are our very own superheros!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Thomas the artist

Thomas is really into artwork and coloring these days. Here are a few of his recent works.

And a photo of the artiste himself with particularly nice bedhead.

28 weeks

The weeks are really flying by! Here we are at 28 weeks. The babies are weighing in at around 3lbs each. Everything is going well so far, and we're counting the days until Nana and Papa arrive.

Baby A

Baby B
(it's getting a little tight in there!)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Feb update

I've been slow to post here lately, but I've been slow everywhere else so what's new? Here's what we've been up to.

Snow! We got out first snow day of 2010 last week, cancelling school for Thomas. After lunch, the roads had improved enough to take the boys to the sitters so Kristin and Steve could get a little work done from home. This has been a mild winter so far, and although the rest of the country is anticipating spring, we may have a few weeks yet of flurries and cold temps. Here are the boys enjoying more recent snowfall over the weekend. They built a cave with some neighborhood friends in a drift as high as the truck behind!

Thomas takes out our old camera every now and then, are usually ends up with quite a few interesting shots! Here is his latest take on the happenings around the house.

I visit the doctor again this Friday, and will hopefully have more photos and news of the babies to share.